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nedjelja, 07.06.2020 01:00

Up All Night! Kiss Beats

Let the world sleep! But here at Kiss we are still up, still delivering the finest beats for your nocturnal jam!

Serije, emisije
A surprising argument during the 'Day of Reckoning' challenge creates unexpected rivalries. Paulie debates a risky move in order to eliminate Kyle. After a poor performance in the challenge, one player packs their bags and threatens to quit the game....
Nev and Max head to NYC to help Infinti, a 19-year-old dancer who is certain that her online romance is the real deal. But when Nev and Max dive deep, they find Infiniti's bae is far shadier than they ever imagined....
Dylan's desperately fallen for a beautiful model with an elusive secret. With all the standard red flags, Nev and Max assume it's an open and shut case. But the truth is something stranger than fiction....
Rob dedicates Whisky Throttle and Bear Trap videos to Nitro Circus stunt man, Streetbike Tommy. Tommy also tells us why you should always Bring Your Own Chair....
Wiz Khalifa - Rapper, Wiz Khalifa, guest stars where he’ll discuss with Rob why Grass Is Your Friend and the joys of Human Magnets.The fan favorite, Makeshift Thrill Rides, returns to the show....
Single father DeJohn is so in love with online beauty Cashay that he's ready to propose, but his younger brother Adonis is convinced Cashay is a lie. With a diamond on the line, can Nev and Kamie find DeJohn's dream girl?...
Aaliyah is saving herself for Instagram model Jaquan, a guy she's dating exclusively for more than a year but has never met. As Nev and Kamie dig deep into his story, they become alarmed that Aaliyah's getting seriously played!...
During an all-new episode of Ridiculousness: Rob and Gymkhana phenomenon Ken Block show us how not to be a 'Gymkhanabe' and we see first hand what being a 'Death Dodger' is all about!...
Bananas and Wes' alliance comes to a crossroads as players realize that they may not have much longer to earn a Red Skull to make it into the Finals. Players must compete in TJ's favorite game of each season - trivia....
This week on an all-new episode of Ridiculousness: rapper Riff Raff shows off his Brain Freeze and joins Rob in breaking down some unbelievable Middle of the Mall Sh*t....
Lost and Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan stops by the studio to marvel at some 'Mild Things' and watch some innocent bystanders get 'Water Damaged!'...

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