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srijeda, 11.12.2019 16:00

Party Re-Rewind '19 To '99


It's time to party with a packed playlist of the biggest hits from back in the day, as well as massive anthems of today!

Serije, emisije
After a season of grueling challenges and brutal eliminations, the 9 finalists compete for their share of the 1,000,000 prize. Will they be able to withstand the freezing temperatures and massive mountains as they fight for the championship title?...
Tensions rise with one Star out for revenge against the person who sent him to elimination. Meanwhile, one team tries to remain a uniformed front, even though some members of the team actively try to plot against others....
Rob’s former co-star Big Black joins the panel, breaking down Makeshift Thrill Rides, Bieber Hair, and Coming in Hot. Sketchy Balls won’t be the only things Burned into your Brain in this episode. Enjoy Ridiculousness in Training....
Action sports star Travis Pastrana helps Rob illustrate some Poorly Placed Trees and Whiskey Throttles. Rob breaks down some Pastranabees and Animals Being Human. Some people are De-Faced and others suffer a Failure to Launch....

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