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subota, 23.11.2019 01:31

Amazing Alice (18)

Johnny misplaced important work documents. Alice, his boss's daughter, mistakenly picked up said documents from her father's office. Johnny goes over to the house to pick them up, but Alice doesn't give them up so easily. Having recently turned 18 and aware of Johnny's prolonged glances Alice makes a move. She tells him that she left the documents on her bed and he should come up there to get them. Johnny says that it would be inappropriate for him to go into her bedroom, to which she responds by grabbing his cock. Being that Alice is a very pretty, petite, 18-year-old, with supple breasts and a tight pussy Johnny lets his guard down and gives in. Johnny's decision was easy to make as Alice dropped to her knees and started sucking. From here things escalate quickly as Alice gets her pussy and ass eaten, gets stripped down, and gets a proper fucking. Before this session is finished they finally move to the bedroom where Alice gets the documents and a faceful of cum.

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