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ponedjeljak, 21.10.2019 18:00

Club Classics

MTV Dance brings you the ultimate dance compilation: Non-stop anthems from the old school to the new. Enjoy!

Serije, emisije
Action sports personality The Dingo joins Rob in breaking down Pain Angels, Worst Case Scenarios and things That’ll Cost You. Enjoy the sport of Steeple Chase, people passing Out Cold and some Crazy Critters....
Beauty Queen Caite Upton joins Steelo on the panel. Rob breaks down the magic of Man-kinis and Dodging Bullets. Guest Matt Schlager demonstrates how to fall with your face first and hands second, in Getting Schlagered....
Rob’s cousin and Fantasy Factory co-star, Scott Pfaff (AKA Big Cat), comes to the studio so he and Rob can demonstrate why Birds Are Dicks and how to Get Froggy....
Guest stars WWE Twin Divas, Nicole and Brianna, stop by the Ridiculousness set to show us some of their Backyard Wrestling moves and how to make the perfect Pain Angel....

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